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Posted on: July 17th, 2014 by lanex

With SmartCat Lightweight Clumping Litter, “No smell-can’t tell” is what your home would say if it could talk! Our litter is formulated and manufactured to provide excellent odor control. SmartCat Litter traps the odor causing components of urine with its rock hard clumps and begins dehydrating to minimize the odor causing bacterial growth.

SmartCat Lightweight Clumping Litter is ½ the weight of traditional clay litters. 1/2 the weight makes everything about SmartCat lightweight Clumping Litter easier. Easier to get from your auto to your home and even easier to carry and scoop at home!

Our technology creates rock hard clumps that you have to see to believe!

You shouldn’t have to inhale dust whenever you pour or scoop litter. Our litter is more than 99% dust free. Your litter box and surrounding area will be cleaner and healthier for yourself and your cats.

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Pregnant women should not clean litter boxes. Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite found in numerous foods, such as raw meat, and it may be
present in dirty cat litter. If you own a cat and are concerned about toxoplasmosis, talk to your health care provider.