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Out Clumps Clay, Every Day!

SmartCat Litter is light in weight but strong in performance. It begins to clump on contact by immediately absorbing urine. This quick clumping action traps the odor-causing bacteria, and odors disappear.

SmartCat for Smart Cats!

SmartCat Litter is very soft on paws and attracts your cat to the box. Your furry friend will find digging, eliminating and covering effortless. You will find cleaning and maintaining the box to be equally as simple.

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As a feline only veterinarian frustrated with the current litters available for cats, I am head over heels with your new Smart Cat litter. It is soft enough for declawed cats, completely dust free, and has exceptional clumping ability without the worry of containing ingredients that might be harmful to our babies. I have finally found a litter I am comfortable recommending to my clients, and have chosen to use it exclusively with my own family. Bravo to Pioneer Pet Products. Your Smart Cat Litter is a winner.
–Lynn Bahr

About Us

SmartCat Litter Pioneer - About Us

Pioneer Pet/SmartCat began over twenty years ago when Betsy Lipscomb, the founder and president of Cats International, gathered old wooden fence posts from her farm in Wisconsin and gave them to cat owners to use for scratching posts. The posts were very popular and over the years were improved with the addition of sisal rope and a sturdy base.


SmartCat Litter Pioneer - Litter Instructions

Pour litter into clean litter box. Depth of litter should be 3”-4”. Scoop litter box(es) EVERY day. About every three days add fresh litter to the 3”-4”level. Change litter completely only as needed.

Pregnant women should not clean litter boxes. Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite found in numerous foods, such as raw meat, and it may be
present in dirty cat litter. If you own a cat and are concerned about toxoplasmosis, talk to your health care provider.