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Litter Box Tips

SmartCat Litter is light in weight but strong in performance. SmartCat Litter begins to clump on contact by immediately absorbing urine. This quick clumping action traps the odor-causing bacteria, and odors disappear. Clumps will continue to harden and dry until all liquid is absorbed. This litter is designed to make everything easy; easy to carry, easy to scoop and easy to cleanup.

  • At transition use 50/50 mix of new litter with existing litter for one week.  After that, use new litter exclusively.
  • Place litter box(es) in a quiet area with easy access.  Use 1 litter box per cat plus 1 additional box.
  • Locate boxes where cats will not have to travel far, with at least one box on each floor.
  • For best results, litter depth should be kept at 3-4 inches after scooping.


How to Maximize the Effectiveness of SmartCat Litters


  • Use a high sided litter box. Lightweight and Natural litters have lighter content than the heavy clumping litters and can get kicked out of the box much easier.
  • Place at least 3” to 4” of litter in the litter box. Most cats will dig in the litter box before eliminating. Our litter is designed to be used at a minimum of 3 inches.
  • Some cats urinate in the same spot every time. It may help after scooping the box clean to leave extra litter piled up in that spot for greater absorption, when the cat uses it repeatedly before daily cleaning.
  • Scoop your litter box clean every day but wait about 20 minutes after your cat has used the litter to allow the litter to clump firmly.
  • A good mat for catching the tracked litter, placed at the box opening is recommended for when a cat leaves the box. The mat will strip most of the litter from the cats paws and can be shaken over the box when scooping is done to put litter back into the box for use.
  • This litter eliminates scraping of litter on the side or bottom of the box. Just let the litter properly dry and the litter clump will actually pull away from the box.
  • When the proper depth of litter is maintained, you will find that cleaning the box to be hassle free and take much less time than other litters.
  • We think you and your cats will find SmartCat  Litter to be the best litter available. It will  attract your cat to the box. The litter is very soft on cat’s paws. Your furry friend will find digging, eliminating and covering effortless. You will find cleaning and maintaining the box to be equally as simple.

Enjoy using this innovative  litter, your cat will THANK YOU!

*For more cat behavioral information please refer to:

Pregnant women should not clean litter boxes. Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite found in numerous foods, such as raw meat, and it may be
present in dirty cat litter. If you own a cat and are concerned about toxoplasmosis, talk to your health care provider.